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A rewards focused coin, granting holders BNB on all transactions. Reinvest your BNB back into $ANJI at a heavily reduced fee.

Investors Grow With Us

$Anji holders get rewarded

The smart dividends function creates rewards for holders in two ways. Holders earn 3% of each transaction that’s made, in addition, you’ll also get 33% of the returns generated from our dApps and services. Rewarding our holders ensures we create a sustaining environment for Anji to grow.

Security & Transparency

Anji performed and succeeded a pre-launch audit with TechRate, and also has performed an audit with Certik, with a high and secure score. Anji is in the top 100 projects for security on Certik Skynet.

You’ll earn BNB just by holding $ANJI

Earning BNB by holding $ANJI is simple; just hold Anji token in a wallet of your choice, and BNB will be earned automatically, and in real-time.

Invest in Anji

How to buy $ANJI

Using AnjiSwap is the most convenient way to buy or sell. Investors can also purchase on PancakeSwap.

Buy on AnjiSwap

Buying tokens is easy. Just go to AnjiSwap, connect your wallet, and make sure that you have some BNB.

Buy on PancakeSwap

Get Anji on PancakeSwap using the button below to find our token, connect your wallet, and set slippage to 11%.


The ANJI contract is coded to collect 10% in fees from all transactions

Liquidity pool
Rewards to holders in the blockchain native token (BNB)
Contribution to AnjiPool
Contribution to AnjiFoundation: development, operations, marketing