AnjiEco AMA Highlights - April 24, 2022

Highlights from our AnjiEco Community AMA, held on April 24th, 2022 in our Telegram voice chat.

Key Highlights from April 24, 2022 Telegram Community AMA

Written by AnjiEco Community Manager Sparrow.

You can listen to the full recording through this link or below, official transcript to follow.

  • Full release of AnjiSwap ( - this incorporated all necessary testing, and the overall response so far has been very positive.Constantly pushing new features from our roadmap into AnjiSwap over a period of time (for instance, staking has recently been introduced, and new features will be shared soon).
  • The goal is to continue building AnjiSwap as the most robust and easy-to-use DeFi app for current investors and to onboard new investors into the DeFi space.
  • iOS/Android mobile apps for AnjiSwap: The UI/UX designer is finishing AnjiSwap components and then they'll shift over to this. All necessary legal documents are prepared to push out an app. With AnjiSwap's dApp, the team loves the dynamic between the swap and the wallet, so they want to integrate that with the mobile app so it’s seamless as well.
  • Eventually the team will introduce a Chrome extension and they will continue to hit of the key tools required for DeFi. This full suite of products and apps will communicate with each other to make the experience as streamlined as possible.
  • Marketing: We want to build out adoption, which will start once a few more features like dark mode, multi-dex, and additional blockchains are introduced. We have a relationship with a strategic partner in the space and would like to bring them onboard to assist with marketing as well.
  • Soft, organic growth is necessary to fully drive things forward. The DeFi space and general crypto markets need a confirmed bullish sign for a truly effective push. We will still aim to introduce community marketing efforts and encourage you all to share ideas.
  • ANJI’s liquidity pool is about to be unlocked and the team is considering updating the contract / re-locking depending on what the requirements would be.
  • If the contract is redeployed, things like total supply will stay the same but things like CMC, CertiK, and CG would potentially have to be updated (another audit for instance), which would potentially cause us to lose previous history and analytics.
  • If a redeployment happens, your investments will be safe and accounted for.
a KID called BEAST (AKCB):
  • a KID called BEAST (formerly Project Teddybear) was soft-launched in collaboration with strategic partners. It’s been met with very positive growth and excitement so far. Learn more at
  • A lot of effort has gone into design, effort, and concept and it’s paying off. Discord growth has also been positive and there will be more opportunities for Anji members to join the Discord in time.
  • There are many ideas to push AnjiEco into the narrative for AKCB—we want to be careful and avoid capitalizing on it at this time. There will be strategic ways to funnel AKCB attention to AnjiEco, they just need to be the right way. It's important that NFT communities are allowed to grow in as organic a way as possible first.
  • Caleb is able to continue his work 100% with AnjiEco while still monitoring AKCB (where much of the community effort is handled by AKCB partners).
  • AKCB will also support in terms of funds to allow for continued AnjiEco project development post-mint.
  • Bamboo has been updated allowing the team to push out the governance system. There's still some decision-making required around it and the team has re-approached some concepts behind the governance system to make sure it’s effective before rollout.

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