A new era in DeFi begins soon.

Presale starts soon! Take full advantage of this opportunity as we welcome this new era in DeFi.

Growth, rewarded.

A world's first smart contract dividends protocol.

With the world's first smart contract dividend protocol, Anji (ANJI or $ANJI) sets a new benchmark for tokens on the BSC. BNB rewards are distributed to holders, ready to claim in real time. These rewards are generated in several ways.

1. 2% of each swap is distributed to holders, ready to be claimed.
2. The fees from our dApps. 33% of all generated income for the use of our dApps within the ecosystem. AnjiSwap, for example, has its own AnjiRouter to make swapping possible and to replace PancakeSwaps. This generates income for Anji holders.
3. The rewards generated planned in the Anji Roadmap. 33% of all generated income through future dApps will also go to Anji holders.

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AnjiEco, powered by Anji.

An antidote to corporate greed with innovation through DeFi.

Large amounts of money go through many hands in traditional economic structures and end up serving a select few people. AnjiEco challenges these financial models in society and asks if these high sums of wealth come back to ourselves and non-profit organisations that try to make the world a better place. Through decentralised finance that can now be made possible.

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Anji Presale

The presale will happen on DxSale as a fair launch. The contract is currently being audited prior in preparation for launch. The presale link will be made available on our Twitter when started.

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Presale starts

06/11/21 08:00 UTC

Presale ends

13/11/21 08:00 UTC

Presale Tokens

4,500,000,000 ANJI

Tokens per BNB

9,000,000 ANJI

Hard cap

500 BNB

Soft cap

250 BNB

Min Buy

0.5 BNB

Max Buy


Proceeds from Presale will be divided as follows.

  • 70% (Max 350BNB) will be added to the LP and locked through DxSale.
  • 30% (Max 150 BNB) to initiate a large marketing campaign on launch.

Anji Launch

Launch will be 8 hours after the presale finishes. On completion of presale, the liquidity will be locked. Participants of presale will have at least 8 hours to claim their ANJI, ready for launch. The SafePanda holders who participated in the upgrade process will be able to claim their tokens at this time too.

Launch price will be the same as Presale to avoid early bot dumping. Participants in presale will avoid the Anji swap fee of 10%.


13/11/21 16:00 UTC

Tokens per BNB

8,100,000 ANJI

Total LP at Launch

2,835,000,000 ANJI

About the Author

Caleb Smiler
Chief Executive Officer

Caleb's key priorities are to drive the Anji Foundation's adoption while keeping the vision of Anji true and clear.