Anji turns one month old!

A quick look back at everything we've achieved together since the launch of Anji Token.

It has now been one month since the Anji Token was launched! Since its debut, it has been a truly wild ride for everyone involved.

The Anji Foundation would like to remind themselves and the community of some of the more significant things we have all accomplished together in such a short period of time!

Firstly, the Anji Team would like to express their gratitude to all Anji Holders, community members and moderators for their unwavering support; we could not have done it without you. We are excited to continue our mission to make Defi for a better future.

• October 30th: Anji Token Presale is announced.
October 31st: Anji's Sub-Reddit opens.
November 1st: Anji's first Yahoo Finance Article.
• November 2nd: Anji Token passes it's first tech audit pre-launch.
November 5th: AnjiSwap lite is launched.
November 6th: Anji Token presale goes live.
November 6th: 500 BNB Hardcap for presale reached within 1 hour.
• November 7th: Anji token goes live on PCS.
• November 7th: Anji reaches Hollywood! (Thank you Lindsay Lohan)
November 8th: AnjiEco welcomes Rebecca Grant to the Anji ambassador program.
• November 8th: CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings.
• November 8th: Anji holders claim their first BnB smart contract dividend rewards.
• November 9th: 5,000 Anji token holders
• November 10th: First $100,000.00 raised for the Anji Tomorrow pool.
• November 11th: Times Square billboard goes live!
November 11th: HakunaMatata joins the ecosystem!
November 15th: Scott Disick joins the Anji revolution.
November 16th: Leading charity token MUNCH joins the AnjiEcosystem.
November 18th: Anji token reaches a new all time high!
• November 18th: Anji listed on TokenPocket.
• November 21st: HUNGER token joins the AnjiEcosystem.
November 21st: Anji's Tomorrow Pool surpasses $200,000 in BNB.
• November 23rd: London Bridge Billboards go live!
November 24th: Canary Wharf Billboards go live!
November 24th: LifeToken V2 joins the AnjiEcosystem.
November 30th: Spacex billboard goes live!
• November 30th: AnjiEco donates $150,000.00 worth of crypto to Save the Children on Crypto Giving Tuesday.
December 1st: SafeEnergy joins the AnjiEcosystem.
December 2nd: AnjiSwap users swap custom tokens into AnjiSwap!
December 3rd: ANJI listed as trackable on!
December 3rd: Anji trending at number 1 on!
• ‍December 7th: Anji is a Registered Company!

Following a very successful first month for Anji Token, the foundation now looks forward to completing more key milestones as we enter December!

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