AnjiEco AMA Highlights - June 6, 2022

Highlights from our AnjiEco Community AMA, held on June 6th, 2022 in our Telegram voice chat.

Key Highlights from June 6, 2022 Telegram Community AMA

You can listen to the full recording through this link or below, official transcript to follow.


AnjiSwap keeps pushing updates. The latest is the AnjiSwap Lite, a widget version of the swap, integrable with just a few lines of code on token’s websites. This is another step forward for mass adoption. Here you can take a look: AnjiEco | AnjiSwap Lite.

We received many positive feedbacks as the easiest and fastest swap out there.

The next update will be regarding the Multi-DEX. You will be able to buy your favorite tokens at the best price, thanks to arbitrage. For example, you would like to buy Shiba, but you are not sure where it is cheaper. Multi-DEX will do the work for you, check the liquidity on each swap, and let you buy at the best price across all swaps.


Marketing is waiting for confirmation from the market to invest money straight in it as it is costly. Traction is currently being channeled through AKCB. We have seen other projects give it a try on marketing, giving no outputs against a significant investment. Meanwhile, we suggest sharing the Lite Swap to your invested tokens and giving it a try to see if they wish to have our swap directly on their website.


AKCB’s development has been doing very well. The team is focusing on building the community on Discord while waiting for the minting planned for Q3. Meaningful connections have been built with LoudChain, not only on the business side of things but also on the human side. They are working with CRM analytics and viral content. The face filter for Instagram is also live.


The layouts of both AnjiSwap Beta Testers and Bamboo V1 holders have already been created. We thank you for your patience while looking into finding out the best way to share them with you.

iOS-Android Apps-TrustWallet Dapp

The wallet apps are planned for Q3; the development depends on the market conditions.

A second TrustWallet dApp request will be sent after Multi-DEX is live. There’s a need for a fully functional product to get listed there. The devs will directly work with TrustWallet’s team to make it happen.

Community videos

The community videos which have been sent are fantastic. We look forward to editing some of them and posting them on social media, like TikTok, to increase traction and virality.

You can be part of the revolution here

AnjiSwap Referral

You will be able to share a referral link for the swap in the future. Currently, you can share your referral link to buy Anji only. A new update will be pushed out to increase the referral link’s power. 


We are very sorry for the losses that Luna may have caused you. If any of you wish to talk about it, the AnjiFamily is always here for you.

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