AnjiRouter, the engine behind AnjiEco.

Powering rewards to ANJI holders, our router effectively makes you a shareholder in the ecosystem.

AnjiRouter. Driving the world's first charity contributing token exchange facilitator.

The AnjiRouter, built by AnjiLabs, replaces the routers used by other BSC swaps, meaning that swaps made in AnjiSwap or AnjiSwap Lite incarnations are facilitated by Anji's 0.2% transaction fee instead of similar fees such as PancakeSwap's. 0.25% trading fee.

This creates rewards Anji holders, AnjiPool for charity, and the mechanics of AnjiSwap possible!The proceeds from the collected transaction fees are then distributed in three ways.

– 33% To AnjiPool for charitable donations made every month.

– 33% To Anji rewards issued in real-time

– 33% To development/maintenance, operations, and marketing costs.

All of this means that every time a trade is made on AnjiSwap or AnjiSwap lite, users are helping to make the world a better place and helping to grow the ecosystem.

The Anji Foundation recognises that DeFi is still a disconcerting place for the discerning or less experienced user; in acknowledgment of this, AnjiSwap was created to be clean, elegant, and simple to use dApp to help ease the growing pains in the broader adoption of DeFi. The AnjiRouter will help AnjiEco guide the way into ushering in a new Era in DeFi that better serves the world.

If you want to integrate AnjiSwap Lite into your projects website, learn more and view our demo. From there we can process your request with our listings team.

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