Growth, rewarded the right way.

AnjiEco generates rewards in a couple of ways to make ANJI holders effectively "shareholders."

How are they generated?

The rewards distributed out to all Anji holders are generated in two ways:

  • ANJI Token trading volume
  • Anji Ecosystem products

ANJI Token takes 3% of every transaction to buy/sell/transfer and retains the BNB directly for ANJI Holders. This fair and real-time shares within the contract itself, this BNB based on every holder's holding.

Anji Ecosystem products work similarly (currently, the AnjiRouter used by both AnjiSwap and AnjiSwap Lite); however, 33% of the fees are distributed to Anji holders, with 33% going to marketing and 34% to the AnjiPool (charity). You can read more about the AnjiRouter here and the AnjiPool here.

How are they distributed?

A buy of 100 BNB would retain 3 BNB and distribute it to all holders. Imagine only two wallets are holding ANJI. One with 150 ANJI and another with 50 ANJI. The holder with 150 ANJI would be entitled to 75% of the 3 BNB (2.25 BNB).

How do I get my rewards?

Rewards are stored and accumulated within the ANJI token contract itself. You can claim this BNB at any point you see fit once a day, week, month, or year. How often has no influence on the rewards you earn and they accumulate and never decrease?

Within AnjiSwap itself, you can connect your wallet (here) and choose 1 of three options:

  • Re-invest (Use your BNB rewards to buy more ANJI at a reduced tax fee of 5% - 3% LP & 2% Charity)
  • Claim (Your BNB Rewards will be transferred to your wallet)
  • Donate (Your BNB Rewards will be transferred to the AnjiPool charity wallet)

Why claim rewards and not have them automated?

The Anji Foundation decided that we would have this manually rather than automating BNB rewards to be sent to wallets. This allows us to have features such as re-investing and donating for holders who want to continue growing their positions or give back with their rewards.

About the Author

Caleb Smiler
Chief Executive Officer

Caleb's key priorities are to drive the Anji Foundation's adoption while keeping the vision of Anji true and clear.