Happy Holidays from AnjiEco.

As we come to the end of the year, we have time to reflect and look to the future.

As we come to the end of the year, we have an excellent opportunity to reflect. I want to take the time to look back on our journey as we pursue to bring DeFi to its inevitable future.

We have built an amazing, loyal community of people who stand with us in the belief that we can flip how commerce and investments can look in the future, all through the power of DeFi. I would like to thank the unique personalities that have come into the project and brought light and joy: our moderators who are forever helpful and holistic for new members enquiring about the project. The developers behind the scenes that bring our vision to life. The network and community around us that goes above and beyond to get tasks done. The creative teams that bring their skills and add value to the project. The charities that we have worked with which will indeed shape the future for the better. The foundation members that I talk to every day as we strategise.

AnjiEco has become a passion project made by humans, for humans. Technology does not need to be exclusive and for just a select few. We are a part of the conversation exactly when we need to be as this new technology and way of thinking are introduced. We genuinely are limitless and relentless. 

We have achieved amazing things not only as a project, but as a community. I can create a list of those things, but I'm sure you are all already aware. Some of my highlights were seeing the successful launch of ANJI, making our healthy donation to Save The Children, and solidifying ANJI in the space ready to take on the world.

However, looking into the future is what excites me. There is a lot installed with our development roadmap, and I have complete confidence that we will succeed purely based on our vision. We have tirelessly strategised to create an infrastructure that will sustainably dictate how DeFi will be in the future: fluid and multi-chain all through a DAO and web3 structure—pure business in the back, complete human on the front. It's not a simple vision, that is for sure. But with my team behind me, professional and holistic, there is no reason we will not achieve it. This is the future I look forward to, and I stand with a group of people and investors who share the same vision.

In closing, as we celebrate this time of year, I encourage you to take the time to be thankful. Even if it is not AnjiEco related, I'm sure we are all bountiful somehow. With that sentiment in mind, let us take that energy and continue to shape the future.

I wish you, most sincerely and warmest, happy holidays.

Your CEO and Founder,

About the Author

Caleb Smiler
Chief Executive Officer

Caleb's key priorities are to drive the Anji Foundation's adoption while keeping the vision of Anji true and clear.