Introducing AnjiPool.

AnjiPool passively accumulates funds, establishing a new era for charity in DeFi.

AnjiEco proudly presents AnjiPool, establishing a new era for charity in DeFi.

The ANJI Protocol and transaction fees collected by the AnjiRouter enables AnjiPool to passively accumulate funds for monthly charitable donations.

Since the launch of ANJI earlier this month, AnjiPool has raised over $125,000.00 in BNB to be used to shape a better future. The Anji Foundation is hard at work developing a governance platform where the Anji community will choose which NGO will receive these funds collected in AnjiPool on a monthly basis.

The Anji Foundation is ecstatic to see the community enjoying from the steady growth of ANJI, as well as receiving and claiming their BNB rewards, but the creation of AnjiPool is undoubtedly our proudest achievement to date, and it is our way utilising DeFi to make the world a better place.

As the AnjiEcosystem develops and grows, so does our capacity to have a positive impact on the world. We hope that you can all share the foundation's pride in the AnjiPool.

More information about the AnjiEco community governance platform will be released shortly.

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