Introducing AnjiSwap Lite.

AnjiSwap lite is AnjiEco's elegant token exchange interface that unites investors, projects & tokens

AnjiSwap lite is AnjiEco's elegant token exchange interface that unites investors, projects, and tokens alike. Check out the AnjiSwap Lite product page here.

In its current conception, the market often requires users to copy the contract address and conduct transactions through an external exchange facilitator rather than directly on the project's website when they discover a new token they want to invest in.Only amplifying the divergence between projects, investors and ultimately stifling the adoption of DeFi and established or emerging tokens from being better embraced in the BSC. AnjiSwap lite enables project owners to provide a smooth swap experience to new investors and their communities directly on their respective websites at no extra cost (it's free!).

Key features of AnjiSwap lite.

  • It is free to integrate on your project's website!
  • Customisable color schemes
  • Slippage automation presets (also customizable)
  • Connects to MetaMask, TrustWallet & WalletConnect
  • Powered by AnjiRouter

Powered by the AnjiRouter, AnjiSwap lite allows users to purchase a token with BNB directly on a project's website and simplifies the process.

The AnjiRouter replaces PCS's 0.2% trading fee with its own novel 0.2% transaction fee, which in turn means that each and every swap made in an AnjiSwap lite incarnation becomes a charitable moment for investors, with 34% of fees collected going to the AnjiEco charity pool. The rest is distributed to AnjiToken holders in BNB rewards (33%) and AnjiRouter maintenance fees (33%).

To integrate AnjiSwap lite onto your project's website for free! Contact the Anji listings team

Project owners can also purchase AnjiSwap Premium to unlock staking, wallet page, and upgrade facilitator. Please also reach out to

About the Author

Nick White
Chief Technology Officer

Nick leads the technical operations for the Anji Foundation working hands on with the developers at AnjiLabs.