Introducing AnjiEco's Referral Program

A world's first DeFi platform in the crypto industry to introduce such benefits to users.

Refer friends, family and audiences and be directly rewarded.

We are the first DeFi platform in the crypto industry to introduce such benefits to users and we keep it simple. Every ANJI purchased through your unique link rewards you 0.5% of the transaction. This opens up the project to strong organic growth that rewards the community and ambassadors to share the project and be rewarded. Our program is unique to DeFi thanks to our DAO, which AnjiLabs is very proud to innovate. The rewards are in BNB and are pulled from the tokenomics which is provided from the foundations portion of each transaction.

All of this can be done on AnjiSwap, where a unique link is created for you to share. You can use this link for your friends and family, share it on your social platforms, or even to our wider audiences if you have a significant following.

On AnjiSwap, you will be able to track how much you have earned and these rewards will be distributed weekly for you to claim. You can not, of course, use your unique link to purchase ANJI yourself and the transaction will run as normal if used.

In the future we will be opening up this technology to all projects in our ecosystem.

Get started with the referral program today on AnjiSwap!

About the Author

Nick White
Chief Technology Officer

Nick leads the technical operations for the Anji Foundation working hands on with the developers at AnjiLabs.