Security Tips For You and Your Wallet

This blog overviews the main crypto scams out there and some tips to avoid them.

Written by AnjiEco Anjinator Pro: Francesco

Hello everyone,

The following takes a look at typical scams in circulation and offers some tips to keep your wallet safe. In the crypto world, you must be very careful who you interact with, especially on Telegram and Discord. Let’s take a look at some popular scams going around:

Seed Phrase

You will find a picture of a seed phrase posted by someone who is, for example, mad with their ex-partner or claiming they don’t know what to do with the seed phrase. In this case, by trying to import the wallet provided, you will find some crypto in there. Understandably, one may excitedly try to transfer the crypto to their private wallet, but here comes the trick—you need to send some crypto to cover the gas fees of the blockchain first. Unfortunately, as soon as you send it, a bot transfers that crypto to a second wallet, giving you no chance to get to it.

Call Groups

Call groups are a dangerous place. You can get into the right one or into the wrong one. 99% of the time, the ones posted randomly in a group are scams. The calls in there include rug pulls, honeypots, and pump & dump schemes.

This is the same for announcements made by popular bots. Always stick to official announcements and double-check that the user/bot who sends the message is original. (@MissRose_bot)


The following phishing scam is one of the most dangerous ones. If you get scammed by this, all of your funds are lost.

First case: You will get added to a second group which looks exactly the same as the one you recognize. You will also find original users of the main group, including the CEO included with their role. The scammers behind the second group are claiming there is a new airdrop and if you wish to participate you need to send your tokens.

Imagine: if you send me 1 BTC, I will send you 2 BTC. Not going to work!

Second case: The airdrop includes a link. By clicking the link, you will open a website which looks exactly like the AnjiSwap. Your wallet connection will pop up and you will click connect. Starting from this moment, your funds are at risk. You basically gave permission to the scammer to control your wallet through a phishing site. You need to act quickly here, create a new wallet, and transfer the funds. If you are fast enough and lucky, you may save your funds.

Remember: There is no MetaMask, TrustWallet, or AnjiSupport that is going to ask you to validate your wallet or tokens.

This kind of scam can happen by searching on Google too. Using an exploit with Google Ads, scammers can make the real and scam URL look exactly the same. Before clicking on a link, make sure that there is no “AD” next to it. Also, always double-check that the link is the official one. One different letter is enough to get scammed.

Fake Telegram Users

You will get a message from the CEO or any member of the core team (this especially happens when the project has new hype, such as an exchange listing, or for newer projects, upon CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko listings). They will ask for some funds. They may know everything about you, including your real name, and they may type exactly as Caleb or another trusted team member would. You check the username and it looks exactly the same. Unfortunately, it is not. Oftentimes, there is a blank space in the username, or the letter "l" in Caleb is replaced with a capital i. This is a scammer. Admins never ask for funds, for tokens, or for any seed phrase! Also, no one will never message claiming 'this is the Support team,' only scammers. Be extra careful of this type of approach on Twitter, especially under conversations mentioning Trust Wallet, CMC, or other popular crypto platforms. Fake 'support teams' will often respond directly under your tweet asking you to email or message a specific address, or click a link. You can help others in this situation by reporting the fake tweets and responding publicly to the account that first asked a question to notify them to look out for scams—try to help your fellow investor where you can, of course without giving any personal or financial information. Always be wary, remember: if you get a random message, it has a 99% chance of being a SCAM.

As you know, admins NEVER MESSAGE FIRST. Always make sure that that user is the real one by double-checking in the main group or by asking to an Anjinator.

What is the best way to keep my wallet safe?

  1. Do not interact with tokens you get airdropped if the source is unknown. By interacting, you give access to move/sell your funds.
  2. Always check the website you’re connecting your wallet to before clicking connect.
  3. Keep you seed phrase in a safe place and never share it. Make sure it is stored offline (no Excel/txt file/screenshot/Dropbox or other cloud storage) but paper only. A Ledger to confirm transactions would increase the security even more. Also, disable any sort of backup (iCloud-Google)for wallet apps on mobile.
  4. Use a different wallet for each token. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. This way, if you do unfortunately encounter a scam, you lower your risk of losing your entire portfolio.
  5. Change your security settings on Telegram:

You can also change your Discord settings to ensure that you only receive messages from friends, as Discord is another breeding ground for scammers (especially around token launches and NFT minting dates).

Please stay safe out there and stay vigilant!

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