Here are some frequently asked questions by our community. Visit the learn section if more information is needed.

What is the difference from Anji and Bamboo?

Anji, our token is the rewards protocol that draws value from the growth of the ecosystem. Bamboo is our utility token that connects the community to the diversity in the ecosystem.

What is happening to SafePanda?

SafePanda has served the ecosystem well but is now being upgraded into Anji to best fit the vision of AnjiEco.

Is AnjiSwap secure?

Yes, its DeFi built on secure smart contracts! AnjiSwap is the facilitator for trading tokens and does not store any user data.

Can I adjust slippage tolerance in AnjiSwap?

Yes! Just click on the settings icon in the AnjiSwap widget to adjust the transaction settings.

Which web wallets are compatible with AnjiSwap?

Users can connect to AnjSwap using Metamask, Trustwallet and WalletConnect.

Can I request the addition of a new token to AnjiSwap?

Yes, reach out to our listing team here.