The world's first smart contract dividends token.

ANJI (or $ANJI) is a reward-focused cryptocurrency that grants investors holding ANJI the blockchains native token (BNB) as rewards on all transactions, receive a portion of the returns from Anji apps and services and gives them the opportunity to re-invest back into the ecosystem at a heavily reduced fee. ANJI is the heart of the Anji Ecosystem.


There are many great uses and rewards to holding Anji.

Smart Dividends

Become a true shareholder in AnjiEco.

Earn BNB

Rewards for holders, simply by holding.

Earn Bamboo

Stake AnjiToken to receive Bamboo.


Reinvest your earned BNB at a reduced tax fee.

Tomorrow Pool

Passively donate to amazing causes.

AnjiEco Benefits

For example 50% off transaction fees on AnjiSwap

The Anji Protocol

The Anji Protocol is rewards-focused with its powerful Smart Dividends function that allows for BNB (or any other native blockchain coin in the future) to be autonomously collected and reserved for holders to claim. The innovations in the protocol also allow for future products from the AnjiEco to push rewards to ANJI holders. The ANJI contract is coded to collect 10% in fees from all transactions (buys, sells and transfers):

3% for liquidity pool
3% rewards to holders in the blockchain native token (BNB)
2% contribution to AnjiPool
2% contribution to AnjiFoundation: development, operations and marketing

ANJI Contract Address



Total Supply 10,000,000,000

Upgrade 2,000,000,000 (20%)
Presale 4,500,000,000 (45%)
Liq Pool 2,500,000,000 (25%)
Future Partnerships 1,000,000,000 (10%)


Liquidity was locked on launch for a period of six months. Every re-locking provides an opportunity for the Anji Foundation to make improvements and adjustments to the protocol. The community can propose and vote for changes via our governance platform that is soon to be released.

These measures ensure a fluid yet secure protocol that will forever be future-proof.


The protocol has performed and succeeded in its pre-launch audit with TechRate. The protocol also has performed an audit with Certik with a high and secure score. ANJI is in the Top 100 projects for security on Certik Skynet.

Smart Dividends

A unique function that makes holders a true shareholder.

The smart dividend function is the first of its kind. It is more than a simple BNB rewards protocol and encourages holders to re-invest in ANJI at the reduced transaction fee of 5%.

The smart dividends function creates rewards for holders in 2 ways.

1. A percentage of each transaction made (3%) with the Anji Protocol.
2. A percentage of the returns generated (33%) from current (AnjiSwap & Widget) and future dApps and services.

This ensures that we create a rewarding and sustaining environment for AnjiEco to grow.

Buy Anji

Made simple with AnjiSwap.

AnjiSwap is the most convenient way for people to buy, sell and swap ANJI tokens. Buying tokens is easy. Just go to AnjiSwap, connect your wallet and make sure that some BNB is in your wallet.

Also available on PancakeSwap.

Investors can also purchase on PancakeSwap if they desire. They will need to connect to wallet, add the contract address and adjust the slippage to 11% before making the swap possible.

Earn BNB

Passive income straight to holders.

Earning BNB is simple. Just hold Anji Token in a wallet of your choice. BNB will be earned automatically and holders have the option to claim their BNB on AnjiSwap. Holders can reinvest to buy more ANJI immediately at a 50% reduced tax fee or use their BNB how they wish.


Buy more Anji with a reduced fee.

With ANJI and BNB, we aim to help users increase their values through the token economy. Holders can use the earned BNB to reinvest and buy more ANJI with an additional 5% of tokens, or to swap it for other tokens in the ecosystem.

Reinvest in something good?

Holders will also have the opportunity to donate their earned BNB towards a cause or charity that they believe in.

Stake Anji


An opportunity to earn our utility token Bamboo.

Holders can stake up to 50% of their total ANJI balance in our custom staking pool. These tokens will not receive reflections from ANJI transactions, however instead receive Bamboo dividends.

The APY is dependent on 2 factors

1. The total trading volume of Bamboo in the duration of the holders stake.
2. The percentage of the holders position in the staking pool.

Tomorrow Pool

Passively making the world a better place.

Through each transaction a percentage (2%) gets sent to the Tomorrow Pool. As the pool grows the community can vote on which cause the funds are to go to for that month. These causes come from the tokens within the ecosystem and a donation is made in partnership with that cause.

AnjiEco Benefits

Anji holders reduce trading fees to 50% on AnjiSwap

AnjiSwap uses our special router to replace the routers that exist on other platforms like PancakeSwap. The holder will have these fees reduced to 0.1% when holding above $100 worth of ANJI (this is based on the price of ANJI at the time of the swap).