Simple, yet powerful.

AnjiSwap has made DeFi simpler than ever and is our user-friendly token exchange interface where investors can seamlessly swap and stake listed tokens within the Anji ecosystem and view their wallet's balance.

Developed by the AnjiLabs, AnjiSwap breaks down the barriers to entry for new crypto investors and also gives more seasoned investors the chance to explore more advance DeFi opportunities.


For new users, swapping for Anji ecosystem tokens is simple on Anjiswap. Connect your wallet and make sure you have some BNB. From there you have a selection of available coins or tokens that will BNB can be swapped for. No need to search through addresses or other minor details like slippage amounts; these are all simply automatically set up when selecting which coin/token you like.

If users are after more control, they can also play with the settings easily.


Staking is a great way to generate passive income and it's made possible on AnjiSwap.

It just takes one token selection, but the variety of combinations means there are many possibilities for how accumulating tokens works.

For example some combinations only allow for 50% off your holdings to be staked.

And some will have time locks, so make sure you get a full understanding before committing to a stake.

Users can also view how many tokens they have accumulated throughout their staking period right here.


The Anji Ecosystem wallet provides an easy way to see your progress and balance grow in dollar representation.

At the top you can find out how much of a token is available for purchase, while clicking on the tokens displays more information about each individual asset within our ecosystem.


The upgrade panel is to support the transition from SafePanda to AnjiToken. Holders of SafePanda can easily deposit their SafePanda and AnjiSwap will take care of the rest.

On launch of AnjiToken these depositors can then claim their new tokens.

Claim & Reinvest

AnjiToken holders can claim their BNB rewards and reinvest all within the AnjiSwap.

They can view how much BNB they have earned right on this page and then claim to have that BNB sent to their wallet.

In the process of claiming, holders have the option to reinvest their earned BNB to buy more ANJI at a heavily reduced tax fee of 50%.

Holders can however take that BNB and use how they please if they wish.


Be part of the new era and bring your token to AnjiSwap

AnjiSwap is open to listings for tokens that show true potential. Contact our listings team and if your token fits our criteria then we can make that possible. There are many benefits to be part of the Anji Ecosystem so don't hesitate to reach out.


Integrate AnjiSwap onto your website.

The AnjiSwap widget is an effective way to let your community perform customised token swaps from anywhere at any time on the website. We have given this free to use to tokens to provide a simple and easy-to-use exchange experience for the world.


The worlds first charity contributing token swap.

The AnjiRouter is what makes AnjiSwap possible. It replaces the routers used by other exchanges like PancakeSwap. 0.2% is the typical fee used on other exchanges and these funds go towards generating profits.

We use this fee to go towards a better world.

33% off this fee goes towards the AnjiPool for charity contributions.

33% off this fee goes towards AnjiToken rewards

33% off this fee goes towards Anji Foundation for development, operations and marketing