The ecosystem's utility-focused token.

Bamboo (BMBO or $BMBO) plays a crucial role in uniting the AnjiEcosystem and opening up opportunities for AnjiEco users. Holders can expect to use Bamboo for a variety of purposes both now and in the future.


There are great uses now and to come in the future.


Holders have a say in shaping the ecosystem.


Vote for AnjiPool monthly donation in the near future.


New future services rely on Bamboo.

The Bamboo Protocol

Designed to best structure the ecosystem, Bamboo's (BMBO or $BMBO) protocol has a burn function that reduces the total supply with each transaction. We call it the hyper burn. Effectively, as tokens are burned, the remaining tokens have more significance in the ecosystem. For example this creates a culture of long term holders having more voting power for future decisions. Loyalty is rewarded. The Bamboo contract is coded to collect 10% in fees from all transactions (buys, sells and transfers):

2% for liquidity pool
2% tokens burned every transaction
2% used to carbon neutralise the ecosystem
2% contribution to AnjiFoundation: development, operations and marketing
2% used to Anji stakers

Bamboo Contract Address



Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000

Presale 400,000,000,000,000
Liq Pool 250,000,000,000,000
Future Partnerships 100,000,000,000,000


Locked for investor's peace of mind.

You can find the locked liquidity on DxLocker.

Buy Bamboo

Made simple with AnjiSwap.

AnjiSwap is the most convenient way for people to buy, sell and swap Bamboo tokens. Buying tokens is easy. Just go to AnjiSwap, connect your wallet and make sure that some BNB is in your wallet. From there, you can exchange them for other tokens, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can also purchase gift cards with tokens on them at our store.

Also available on PancakeSwap.

Investors can also purchase on PancakeSwap if they desire. They will need to connect to wallet, add the contract address and adjust the slippage to 10% before making the swap possible.

Stake Bamboo

Make Bamboo work for you.

Bamboo is designed to be staked for other tokens within the ecosystem. Currently now holders can stake for World of Waves (WoW) token which is a great opportunity to explore the ecosystem without having to invest in them.

Carbon neutral

Planting seeds for the future.

A percentage of transactions from Bamboo go towards making regular donations to our partners to assist in the replanting of trees across the world. We are working on plans for the future to work closely with our partners right on the ground to help restore our planet hands on.



Speak volumes with Bamboo

A governance platform will be released for the community to have their say on important decisions. Like where the AnjiPool funds are to go or which product should AnjiLabs develop next. AnjiEco is community-focused and this feature will unite us.

Future utility

Only more to come

As more dApps, products and services are released, Bamboo is integrated into the mechanics of how they are to function. Bamboo allows for the ecosystem to participate and get involved even more as we develop.